The following is a complete list of the major ethnic group clusters included in the Atlas, accounting for 99.6% of world population (haplogroup details by cluster). Each major people cluster is composed of numerous sub-clusters, such as British, Irish, Scottish, etc. within the major group called Anglo-Celt. The complete list of sub-groups for each major cluster is available here, by selecting a 'people cluster' and then the 'submit' button. The complete data set used in the Atlas is available for download in various formats. Please note that population numbers shown for each country are calculated by multiplying the country's total population (both male and female) by the y-dna percentages reported in the field study papers. Since y-dna is only expressed in males, the actual y-dna population in each country is roughly 1/2 of the population number shown.

Data Sources and Notes

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Data last updated on 7/20/2010, next update expected 1/1/2020